TLC Presentation Schedule

NOTICE: Read these rules before you sign up to present. You must abide by them:

  1. You must attend the two TLC meetings prior to your presentation. If you can’t make it you must contact Bob Bond directly (no-one else) and let him know or you will be removed.
  2. You are the only one that is allowed to present. You can invite company people for moral support but YOU must be the one that gives the presentation.
  3. You need to bring a gift that is worth at least $15. It must be unisex and cannot have a requirement to purchase anything.
Date Company Presenter Phone
December 18 “WHITE ELEPHANT EVENT”  Party!
December 25 No Meeting  Merry Christmas
No Meeting  Merry Christmas
January 01 No Meeting  Happy New Year
No Meeting  Happy New Year
January 08 The Thought Coach  Curtis Swenson 801-860-5738
Hemp Worx  Susan Carter 801-509-1045
January 15 Goal Setting 
Goal Setting 
January 22 Tetravive  Zach Hicken 435-590-9181
US Health Advisors  Erik Ishimatsu 801-502-7749
January 29 Education Presentation  To be Announced
Education Presentation  To be Announced
February 05 Alpine Mindset Mentoring  James Simister 801-796-2582
Wholesale Office Furniture  Crystal Lynch 8017586639
February 12 LegalShield  George Wilkinson 801-205-5132
Powerco Solar  Elijah Radford 801-471-7468
February 19 Immune Tree  Bette Jean Young 801-512-4110
Whelan BPI  Gina Whelan 801-810-8559
February 26  
March 05  
March 12  
March 19  
March 26