I'm a payment processing consultant. I educate owners of the various pricing options available. I share when a merchant aggregator's flat rate fees are a good fit. I intentionally differ by analyzing your company's culture, needs, pain points, priorities, and growth plans to help guide you in navigating the pricing and technology options available so you can streamline your processes and further your success.

I also help others create MORE Positive Social Impact, MORE Financial Literacy, MORE Value for your Money, MORE Personal Development and Growth, and MORE Fun! :)   Ask me how you can add MORE Value for yourself or others without changing your current spending!  When you ready to turn every dollar you already are spending, using your existing debit/credit cards, into $2 - I GOT YOU!

Learn how you too can create reoccurring income sharing with others how they too can benefit using existing debit/credit cards and double their spending.

Membership benefits include receiving up to 60% off:
 * every day items
 * name brand items, 
 * luxury goods,
 * discounted travel:  condos, hotels, Airbnb's, cruises 
*  health and wellness: unlimited tele-health, discounts on prescriptions / dental
*  soft skill trainings and certifications
*  assistance with budgeting: for personal and/or business